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Flat feet are a common but potentially painful foot condition. If you can’t relieve persistent foot pain from flat feet on your own, you can find help at Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa. The fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons offer conservative treatments like shoe inserts to enhance the arch of your foot. They can also determine if you’re a candidate for surgery to reconstruct your foot arches. Call the office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for flat feet today or book an appointment online.

Flat Feet Q & A

What are flat feet?

Flat feet describe a condition where there’s little or no arch in your feet.

The arch of your foot extends from the area just in front of your heel to the ball of your foot. All babies are born without arches and over time, as feet develop, the arch becomes more noticeable.

Most kids form the arches in their feet by age 6. However, 2 in 10 children continue to have flat feet as adults due to genetics. You can also develop flat feet later in life because of:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • High blood pressure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

If you have Achilles tendon injuries or broken bones, you may also be at higher risk for flat feet.

How are flat feet diagnosed?

To determine if you need treatment for flat feet, your provider at Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa performs a physical exam of your foot. They may also ask you to stand or walk to assess your mobility.

In some cases, you may need X-rays so your physician can get a closer look at the bones in your feet to check for other types of structural deformities.

If you have pain or mobility issues, your provider designs a plan to treat your flat feet so you can stay pain-free and physically active.

How are flat feet treated?

In general, you don’t need treatment for flat feet unless you have foot or ankle pain or have a progressively worsening flatfoot deformity.

Children with flat feet may need to wear shoes with good arch support. Your provider may also recommend arch-supporting shoe inserts to relieve pain. To prevent additional complications from flat feet, kids can learn exercises that stretch their Achilles tendons.

In adults, flat feet treatments can include molded arch supports. These supports may fit inside your shoe or be large enough to also cover your ankle to increase your stability.

If your pain is severe, the skilled surgeons at Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa may recommend surgery. The goals of surgery are to reconstruct or repair the ligaments, tendons, and bones in your feet to improve your natural arch. 

Surgery is usually a last-resort option when other therapies aren’t working.

To schedule an evaluation for flat feet, call Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa today or book a consultation online.