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For suitable patients, anterior hip replacement offers a less invasive alternative to other approaches. At Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa, Rodney Plaster, MD, offers minimally invasive anterior hip replacement that restores function to the joint and relieves chronic hip pain. With this method, you could be walking in just a few weeks following your surgery. Call the office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to find out more about anterior hip replacement or book an appointment online today.

Anterior Hip Replacement Q & A

What is anterior hip replacement?

Anterior hip replacement is a technique Dr. Plaster uses to perform joint replacement surgery. The anterior approach involves accessing the hip through an incision in the front of your leg.

Anterior hip replacement offers an alternative to traditional posterior hip replacement surgery, where the incision is in your buttock, and the lateral approach, where the incision is in the side of your hip.

Anterior hip replacement is sometimes called muscle-sparing hip replacement or the mini-anterior approach.

How is anterior hip replacement performed?

Dr. Plaster uses advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies when performing anterior hip replacement. These include a specialized operating table and instruments like retractors that enable him to make smaller incisions, minimizing tissue damage.

Dr. Plaster also uses fluoroscopy (a kind of moving X-ray image) to see the inside of your hip.

What advantages does anterior hip replacement offer?

Anterior hip replacement offers several advantages. It causes less tissue damage than making a cut in your buttock muscles because Dr. Plaster can move the muscles at the front of your body out of the way instead of cutting through them.

Because anterior hip replacement results in significantly less trauma, you experience a reduced level of post-surgical pain. Your tissues heal more quickly, and you make a faster recovery, so you’re likely to be walking without help within 2-3 weeks of your surgery.

The muscles around the joint also provide better support for your new hip, which reduces your risk of dislocation.

Am I a suitable candidate for anterior hip replacement?

For many patients, the anterior approach is an excellent choice. However, there are some patients for whom it may not be suitable. Anterior hip replacement might not be possible if you:

  • Already have an implant in your hip
  • Have a wide pelvis
  • Are severely obese
  • Are extremely muscular

These risk factors mean that anterior hip replacement is more likely to cause post-surgical complications such as fractures and nerve damage. Dr. Plaster talks to you about which is the best approach for your hip replacement.

To find out more about having anterior hip replacement surgery, contact Premier Orthopedic Specialists of Tulsa. Call the office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Plaster or book an appointment online today.