Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow may cause numbness of the little and ring fingers and weakness of the hand. Many different medical conditions may cause hand numbness and weakness. Nerve testing may help confirm the diagnosis. If left untreated, cubital tunnel syndrome may produce progressive nerve damage, numbness and weakness. Treatment for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome may include bracing, NSAIDS, activity modification or surgery. If surgery becomes necessary, two types of surgical treatment are available. Many surgeons elect to move the ulnar nerve from behind the elbow to the front of the elbow through a large incision. Dr. Bischoff feels that surgery to move the nerve may produce more tissue trauma, a larger incision, a longer recovery period and place the nerve in a more vulnerable position postoperatively. Dr. Bischoff does not move the nerve to a new location but decompresses the nerve at the elbow which may produce less tissue trauma, a smaller incision, quicker recover and more protection of the nerve postoperatively. Dr Bischoff has used this technique to return athletes from the University Of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University and N.E.O. as well as private patients and workman’s compensation patients to return to more normal activities in a quicker fashion


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