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We believe that medical costs should be open and transparent. Too often fees are hidden, charges are exorbitant and billing is mysterious. Not with us. We want our costs, pricing and billing to be as understandable and fair as possible.


We have contracts with insurance companies that include pricing for our services. This is called “allowable charges”. This agreed upon, contracted price is what we charge for services provided when a patient utilizes their insurance. This allowable charge may vary between insurance companies. We are happy to show patients these various “allowable charges” for our most common services.


We realize that some people choose either to not have health insurance or, in this era of high deductibles, to not claim health charges on their insurance. For this reason, we publish our “Self Pay” pricing and are happy to accept these prices for services rendered by our office, should a patient choose to pay with cash or credit card. These prices are generally a significant discount compared to standard rates.


Once a service is provided, charges are submitted to insurance companies if a patent choses to file under their insurance policy. The charge is submitted usually electronically and Premier is reimbursed according to the individual patients policy. The patient is subject to the copays and deductibles of their specific policy. If there is a balance (payment still due) after the insurance company has paid their part, then the patient may receive a bill for the remainder. We are more than happy to answer any questions that patients may have about the bill or the payment of the bill. Please call 918-900-2520 and push the #2 prompt for billing/collections.


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